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Apcegen is an Innovation driven Biopharmaceutical company focusing on to develop affordable human therapeutics with blend of advances in molecular biology & cell biology.product
Apcegen commits in helping millions of human beings around the world in the fight against cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and other life threatening diseases like diabetes. On Naotechnology front, Apcegen is working on Nanofiber based Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering. The group focuses on pathway engineering and proprietary drug development platforms.
Apcegen understands the importance of transitions from discovery research to manufacturing of Biopharmaceutical products. The transformation of converting science into the products can only be achieved when a substantial emphasis is given on the development of technologies which creates state of the art research platforms. These technology platforms adresses key issues of both early and late satge product development starting from cell line development to production processes.

Lab Capabilities

Core Capabilities

Cell Line Development

Team at Apcegen has developed a novel mammalian expression vector for high level expression of heterologous protein and antibodies in CHO cells. The expression vector combined with two step selection process results in developing high expression stable clones in timely manner. We at Apcegen have also devloped an in-house microbial expression vector for the periplasmic expression of recombninant proteins/antibodies

Early and Late Stage Process Development

We give more emphasis on bioprocess development as via this route we employ our best talented team to develop the product with highest possible yield and to fine tune the product quality to the global regulatory standards

Antibody Engineering

Our Scientists are constantly working onto develop antibody platforms that are more efficacious and safer

Pharma Analytical Development

Analysis and Characterization of Proteins and Antibodies is an integral part of any bioprocess development and we do recognize this. Team Apcegen is been working very efficiently to develop and validate analytical tools to characterize the product by means of orthogonal techniques





Autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular diseases are huge socio-economic burden on the society. At Apcegen we are trying to answer this need by developing targeted therapies that changes broad range of Autoimmune diseases. We at Apcegen are currently working on to develop couple of drug candidates that targets to translate Autoimmune Pathogenesis into Targeted Therapies

Autoimmune Diseases and Inflammation

Over 300 million patients across the globe suffer from autoimmune disorders. There are around 80 autoimmune diseases; and the cause of these remains unknown. 
We At Apcegen have identified TNF and IL17 related disorders as the major thrust area to work on and are working onto develop biologics to treat related autoimmune disorders.

Cardiovascular and Metabolism

Metabolic diseases affect close to one billion people worldwide. Type 2 diabetes , characterized by insulin resistance and elevated glucose levels accounts for about about 90 percent of diagnosed diabetes in the world. 80 percent of people with T2D are overweight. Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists represent a unique approach to the treatment of diabetes, with benefits extending outside glucose control, including positive effects on weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and beta-cell function.ATBB22 is an early stage molecule targeting GLP-1.


At Apcegen, our objective is to reverse the cancer mortality trend and we are trying to do this with an emphasis on Immuno-Oncology. Immuno-Oncology is a unique approach that uses the body's immune system to help fight cancer. The goal is to address the unmet need for long-term survival in patients with advanced cancers. Currently we are working on to devlop therapeutics that addresses PD-1 and PD-L1 pathways.

Product Portfolio

We have an exciting and balanced pipeline underpinned by great science. We build our research portfolio around high confidence targets in diseases with significant unmet medical need. The uniqueness about our approach or science is that each one of our drug candidates is potentially disease modifying, meaning that the treatment will provide effective cure and management to the patient as oppose to just symptom relief


Milestones and facts

Since Inception, Apcegen is on its mission to make life healthier and happier by developing solutions that fulfil umnet needs.

Meet The Team

Our team consists of people from different backgraounds starting from cell biology to computer applications. Diverse team works together to give best output to the society, staff and investors

Amita Vyas


Passionate, visionary and entrepreneur with background in computer science, Playing a vast role as Chief Managing Director at Apcegen . At Apcegen we bring this unique combination of Biotechnology And Information technology to bring the best possible out for the human life..

Dr. A Bandopadyay

Mentor and Director

Dr. Amitabha obtained his PhD from the laboratory of Prof. Umadas Maitra at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and completed his with Prof. Clifford Tabin at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Amitabha's research interest lies in Developmental Biology of cartilage and Bone, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis

Sandeep Shandilya

Sr. Scientist

Sandeep brings over 10 years of experience in Cell Line development and Bioprocess Development to the company. Sandeep has worked on many antibody based therapeutics and is primarily responsible for the development of engineered antibodies and other mammalian cell based proteins.

Anup Mishra


Biohemical Engineer by qualification having expertise in Bioprocess development of recombinant proteins. Anup has published many research papers and articles in journals of repute. Anup is primarily responsible for process development and scale-up of antibody fragments and conjugate proteins

investors AND CLIENTS

Apcegen is, at present primarily suported by government bodies. Various government agencies have recognized Apcegen's technologies and have provided financial support. Below is the list of investors who have shown faith in Apcegen



Apcegen aspires to do developments based on fundamental research in biotechnology and eventually develop the outcome to an end product that benefits the mankind. To reach the goal of transforming the promise of biotechnology into therapeutic solutions, we encourage creativity and initiative among our associates. Being a science based organization, our success depends on innovtion, improvements and integrity. We believe in diversity in skills and provide an environment that promotes team building and values diversity. Our team structure provides opportunity to every team member to gain broader perspective across functional areas and reach their full potential.



Team at Apcegen is working towards better health and brighter futures for the society. Although we are a science based company and everything we do is based on a great science but one need not be a reseacher to build a career with Apcegen. We offer veriety of opportunities, be it in science, commercial operations or administrative operations. Ap Apcegen we beleive in diversity, dieffering viewpoints helps to bring best insight needed to improve patinets life.

Current Opportunities

Sr. Scientist - Cell Culture Process Development

Sr. Scientist - Pharma Analytical Method Development

Reasearch Director - Early stage Process Development

Sr. Manager - Business Development

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