About Apcegen

Apcegen is a technology oriented Biopharma development organization nurtured by a group of highly trained and qualified technocrats with vast experience in bioprocess development of various biopharmaceuticals, few of which are currently available in various markets. Apcegen Technologies is currently focusing on the development of a battery of recombinant therapeutics aimed to combat diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancers. Apcegen also aim to work on the development of protein based chip which we aim to develop for the diagnosis and treatment of life threatening diseases like Anemia related to Cancer, Renal failure and Diabetes.
Apcegen, in association with institutes of repute is also working on the development of novel and cost effective platforms. Apcegen Technologies will use its skills to make affordable biotechnology based healthcare solutions through GMP compliant fast track development of bioprocesses for the development of cutting edge biotherapeutic products. The unique expertise available with Apcegen Technologies for developing cost effective and efficient bioprocesses will enable rapid and efficient commercialization of affordable, high quality recombinant biotherapeutics.

Contact Information

Apcegen Technologies Private Limited
E-mail: info@apcegen.com
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