Technology Focus

Apcegen understands the importance of transitions from discovery research to manufacturing of Biopharmaceutical products. The transformation of converting science into the products can only be achieved when a substantial emphasis is given on the development of technologies which creates state of the art research platforms. These technology platforms adresses key issues of both early and late satge product development starting from cell line development to production processes.
Apcegen has identified three main areas to work on which eventually leads to a quality and commercially viable product.
Nucleic Acid Engineering
The team at Apcegen is working on the development of a novel mammalian expression vector for high level expression of heterologous protein and antibodies in CHO cells.
Cell Re-Engineering and Bioprocess development

Development of Biochip based therapy (at conceptual stage).

Developments so far..

Apcegen has constructed a new mammalian expression vector that gives considerably higher expression of antibodies
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